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The hour has come to prepare and equip a new breed of budding prophets and fivefold ministerial gifts to Kingdom Dominion. The “wind of God” is blowing to prophetically affect a remnant nation to manifest the glory of God within the venues of men and women.



The ABS Degree Program shall consist of the following 30 core units, plus 30 elective units. Fifteen (15) units must be completed with NDU and forty-five (45) units may be assessed or transfer units if they meet degree requirements.



All Bachelor Degree programs have the requirement of a Bible/Theology Major consisting of the following core requirements. All Bachelor programs require the completion of 120 Semester Units, except the Bachelor of Theology, which requires 150 Units. A minimum of 25% of unit requirements must be completed at NDU.



All Master’s Degree program students must complete required units indicated by the major of their choice. A minimum of 24 units must be completed at NDU.



All Doctoral Degree program students must complete required units indicated by the Major of their choice. A minimum of 24 Units must be completed at NDU.

NDU Online program

All Next Dimension University programs are now offered online. For those scholars who simply do not have the time or ability to attend their required courses with their fellow scholars, they can now complete their courses 100% online.

The requirements remain the same, however, you are in control of your destiny. You are free to complete your required courses at your own pace and style.

  • Do you want to take in a course while running on the treadmill? No Problem.

  • Do you need to listen to your course while on the road? No Problem.

  • Do you just want to take a couple classes that interest you most? No Problem.

With NDU Online, you are in control. Every scholar may have different goals. You design the program that will help you reach your goals. No matter how you design your program and no matter how long your program lasts, you will receive credit for every course completed.


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